Kole’s Foamboard Bug

The disease is spreading and young Kole has the BUG – the “foamboard-building-bug.” It is highly contagious, and there is no antidote presently available. Some have tried to make a tea with balsa dust and plywood flakes – all to no avail.

Traffic Pattern revisited

Several months ago, I published a training article on using the correct terms of a traffic pattern. Since then, we have several new members, and it is time to revisit the issue again. During any flight, it would be best not to take your eyes away from your model plane – for obvious reasons. This […]

Balsa Plane Kits

Most of you are aware, that our hobby has become more expensive, with the change in the Australian Dollar value, and the higher fees for parcel post. One way around it, is to build your own – either in balsa or foam board. There are hundreds of plans on the net, for balsa look here: […]

Drone rules to be toughened in new year

Drone rules to be toughened in new year following several Australian incidents Australia is set to have among the world’s toughest rules on drones after the Civil Aviation and Safety Authority rewrites its regulations in the new year. CASA spokesman Peter Gibson said the “huge growth” in popularity of the flying “unmanned aerial vehicles” – which […]

Build your own RC plane

At last night’s meeting, 7th of November, we discussed building your own model aeroplanes. This option has become attractive, as the postage fees to Tasmania make ready-made models quite expensive, or, at least, they aren’t value for money. With the right selection of building plans, the task of building can be fairly easy. Some club […]