Annual General Meeting 2023

Please join us on Sunday 2nd of July at 10:00 for the Annual General Meeting. Will be followed by flying and a BBQ, weather permitting.

Foamboard flies better?

Amongst RC pilots there has always been the discussion on what flies better: foamies or balsa-built models. The balsa group created the catch phrase “Balsa flies better.” One can even buy a t-shirt with the slogan printed boldly across the chest. Now we can add another point of argument. Does foamboard fly better? You have […]

Coastal Column March 2018

East Coast RC Flyers News March 2018 Contribution by Manfred Weihrauch Every Tasmanian RC model club aspires to have at least one special day on their events calendar. For the East Coast RC Flyers, this occasion is the Australia Day Fly-In. This year was not different. The club invited the public, their members and family, […]

Management Matters

The valued support of the community, some generous sponsors, along with an encouraging ‘all are welcome’ attitude, has resulted in a club success story for the Tasmanian based East Coast RC Flyers. Since its inception in August 2013, the unwavering enthusiasm for the sport of flying radio controlled models has meant that founding club president, Alan Butler has triumphed despite […]

Those magnificent men and their flying machines

This was supposed to be a movie of Manfred’s SE5a, but there was some time left at the end – so, don’t miss the end for some surprise. Paul, you missed out – you need to do more flying when the camera is in action