Build your own RC plane

At last night’s meeting, 7th of November, we discussed building your own model aeroplanes. This option has become attractive, as the postage fees to Tasmania make ready-made models quite expensive, or, at least, they aren’t value for money.

With the right selection of building plans, the task of building can be fairly easy. Some club members have experience and are quite willing to help.

If interested, here are two links to

Balsa and Plywood supplies:

Note: for any order above $ 165.00 there is no postage fee. With that amount of balsa, you can easily build 2-3 models – depends on size, of course. For smaller orders there is a flat postage fee of $ 16.50. Considering that the balsa and plywood is almost half the price as in the craft/models shops, even the order with a postage fee is good value.

Free Building Plans:

Note: the plans can be tile-printed onto A4 paper and then taped together. If unfamiliar with tile-printing, ask. If you are a beginner, start with a very simple plane, such as the Ugly Stick, or a small to medium-sized glider. Select the plans which indicate R/C (radio control)- not C/L (control line) or F/F (free flight).
Ask for help in the selection, as it would be important for a beginner to have all the parts printed on the plan. Some plans are from building kits and may not include all the ribs and formers.

Other News & Updates

Paul McIntyre 

A founding club member has passed away after a short fight with cancer On behalf of EastCoast RC Flyers, myself and my family, we send our condolences to your family

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