Throttle Hold

We had a few cut fingers recently with the throttle being accidentally moved and the hand was near the prop.

Almost all transmitters have a Throttle Hold or Throttle Cut function – for our purpose, the two terms mean the same. This function disables the throttle stick until you flick a switch to turn it on.

For the Turnigy 9x, there is a Throttle Hold switch at the left, top-rear – it is marked as such. However, the switch needs to be activated.


Go into the Settings Menu and in the left column click on Thr Hold. Change “STATE” to “ACT”, but leave “HOD POS” at 000%.

When you switch on the transmitter the Throttle Hold function is armed and you need to flick the switch towards you to cut the throttle. Now you can do your model settings without the danger of accidentally revving up the motor.

Once set up, follow this sequence:

  1. switch on the transmitter,
  2. flick the Throttle Hold switch towards you,
  3. plugin the receiver battery.


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