Foam Board model plans

As you may have noticed, we still have a few foam boards in our club house, and a new box of 25 sheets has arrived at John’s home – to be brought to the flying field. Hint, hint.

What can we do with foam boards?

Today I flew the Alpha Jet, available here: Alpha Jet.

I was quite skeptical at first, but it flew very stable. The only drawback was the little helicopter engine. It was just too small and gave up after a few minutes, as a trail of smoke indicated.


Most foam board models are very easy to build and equally easy put together – and all for $ 7.00 per foam sheet, which is enough for one model:

  • Download the plan,
  • print it out,
  • stick it onto the foam board,
  • cut the foam board,
  • Get a cheap hot glue gun and cartridges from the Reject store and stick them together
  • a bit of coloured tape here and there, to strengthen the edges and to make it look smart

Ask Manfred, Alan, or Paul for advice, if you need it. Otherwise, the Internet is full of guidelines and videos on this matter.At they usually have a link to either a build video or a build thread at RC Groups.

Building is fun by itself, and if it flies, it is a bonus. If not, not much is lost.

Here are some links to foam board plans:

Some of the plans are for Depron or EPP foam, but can easily be modified for foam board.





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