Balsa Plane Kits

Most of you are aware, that our hobby has become more expensive, with the change in the Australian Dollar value, and the higher fees for parcel post. One way around it, is to build your own – either in balsa or foam board. There are hundreds of plans on the net, for balsa look here: […]

Build your own RC plane

At last night’s meeting, 7th of November, we discussed building your own model aeroplanes. This option has become attractive, as the postage fees to Tasmania make ready-made models quite expensive, or, at least, they aren’t value for money. With the right selection of building plans, the task of building can be fairly easy. Some club […]

Balsa and Plywood supply

We are in the foam-age of model flying. However, some stubborn enthusiasts still prefer to build their own models. Unfortunately, it is not so easy, and expensive, to get balsa and plywood. There is one big exception: Balsacentral, a distributor in South Australia, also retails online, and at half the prices when compared to the […]

Super Glue and Baking Soda

Today, I was working on a smashed-up floater (won’t tell you who the owner is), and used an excellent method to fill gaps. Super glue is very thin and needs to have the parts perfectly fit together. In other words, it doesn’t bridge gaps well as epoxy or PVA (woodworking) glue does. However, if you […]