Foamboard flies better?

Amongst RC pilots there has always been the discussion on what flies better: foamies or balsa-built models. The balsa group created the catch phrase “Balsa flies better.” One can even buy a t-shirt with the slogan printed boldly across the chest. Now we can add another point of argument. Does foamboard fly better? You have […]

Those magnificent men and their flying machines

This was supposed to be a movie of Manfred’s SE5a, but there was some time left at the end – so, don’t miss the end for some surprise. Paul, you missed out – you need to do more flying when the camera is in action

Club Advanced Trainer

The Tasmanian Model Aeronautical Association (TMAA) has granted our club around $600.00 towards the purchase of training equipment. We have on order a Phoenix Classic EP Trainer model from Rojs Hobbies in Melbourne. These are the details: Wingspan: 1420mm (55.9in) Length: 1070mm (42.1in) Weight: 1700g~2000g Engine: 35-48 electric Built up Balsa and Plywood contruction (Laser […]

Magpie Attack

Three years ago, in Queensland, we had a vicious magpie at our slope soaring site. During breeding season it was almost impossible to fly without being constantly harassed by this bird. One of my gliders had a balsa wood nose and you can see the result of the attacks in the picture below. I went […]

Yak 55 EPP

HobbyKing’s Yak 55 EPP profile is my favourite 3D plane. It is robust and does what I want it to do. However, there is still a lot of practicing required to reach a satisfactory 3D flying level. Believe it or not, in Europe and the US there are professional model fliers. They fly on invitation […]