Material List

You want to build your own, but can’t figure out how many sheets of balsa and ply you need? Download the Material List form, go through the building plan, and fill in the details.


  • Part – the part number on the plan
  • Name – the part’s name, such as former or ribs
  • inch/mm – most plans are in inches, but ordering in Australia will be in metric (you may need to round up or down). E.g 1/8 inch is 3.17mm = 3mm sheet. Page two has a conversion chart.
  • Size – roughly the size of the part/parts
  • Sheets – with the above “Size” you can now work out roughly how many or how much of a balsa sheet you need. E.g 0.5 of a sheet. Once completed, you can add up how many sheets you need per a certain thickness. E.g 4 sheets of 2mm balsa.
  • Remarks – anything notable

Page two has a form for ply-wood and other parts.

Download: Material List



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