How to launch a wing – safely

Launching a wing with a pusher prop can be quite hazardous (see picture below). If, during a launch, one doesn’t take the hand away quickly, the prop can cut into the fingers and/or hand, causing serious injuries.




Our club members are an inventive lot and came up with three safe methods of launching a flying wing:


Method 1 – The Knight in Armour Method

If you have access to a museum, or a party hire business, you may choose this method, as it offers the best protection. Even if the prop should hit the metal glove and disassembles into many pieces, the projectiles won’t be able to penetrate the armour.





Method 2 – The Ancient Falconer Method

Not quite as safe as the above method, a falconer’s leather glove provides some protection from the props of smaller models.


Method 3 – The Discus Throw Method

This method offers the least protection, particularly if you are wearing a tight Lycra outfit. However, it is without doubt the most elegant, if not sexiest way, of launching a wing.

discus throw

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