RC Model Shops and Manufacturers


Chinese manufacturer of value-for-money RC models. The quality is certainly not comparable with the European or Japanese models, but as such prices, who is complaining


Super and Cheaper

Australian online store with good prices and low postage. As of 22 May 2014, a large model was AUD 13.00 postage from Sydney.


World Hobbies

The Melbourne-based online store is a wholesaler and retailer of quality RC kits such as: Seagull, Phoenix, and Multiplex. They also have reasonable postage fees. As of 22 May 2014, a large model was AUD 22.00 postage to St Helens.



Online retailer of basswood ply and many sizes and shapes of balsa wood

Other News & Updates


Australia Day 2023

Come join us for a fun fly on Thursday 26th to celebrate Australia Day on beautiful East Coast at St Helens. Starts at 9am. General Flying for all MAAA Members.

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