Flying Field Naming

It is about time we gave our flying field a better name than “flying field.” Please log in and make a few suggestions in the Comments box below.

Angelika suggested “Killing Fields,” but this can only come from a photographer who loves to take pictures of bits and pieces – or it may be related to the ex-slaughterhouse, now clubhouse.

Keep in mind to keep it short and relate it to something relevant, such as: Reids Rd Field, Alvin’s Field, Baa Baa Field, Wedgie’s Dinner Table, EPO Graveyard, etc. The last three are just tongue-in-cheek suggestions, of course – or are they?

Other News & Updates

Paul McIntyre 

A founding club member has passed away after a short fight with cancer On behalf of EastCoast RC Flyers, myself and my family, we send our condolences to your family

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