Choosing your model aircraft

Many interested model flyers are tempted by the agility of an aerobatic helicopter or aeroplane. And those who give way to the temptation, soon will learn that it is not easy to fly such a plane or helicopter.

Your first plane should be a trainer or glider such as HobbyKing’s Bixler (see below).

HobbyKing Bixler 2

Our club provides you with the training to become proficient on such a model plane. Once you fly solo (on your own) and gather experience, the choice is numerous. You will soon learn what type of model suits you best.


Some of the choices are:


Sailplanes or Gliders

A glider can be powered or unpowered. Glider purists, however, prefer to launch their gliders by hand at a slope, or by aerotow and winch/bungee from a level field. The art of gliding is to make use of updraughts at a slope or field.

Electric motors and batteries have become lightweight and are often used in powered gliders to gain height. The motor is then switched off and the chase for thermals can begin.


Motor Models

In this category you have a choice of powering the model with an electric or an internal combustion engine. Either way, the choice is as diverse as in the “real” world of aviation:

  • trainer models
  • park flyers
  • jets
  • scale/replica models
  • pylon racers
  • pattern aerobatic models
  • 3D models
  • and more

As for the motor models, the variety is numerous in size, style and capabilities. Today’s model helicopters rival their big brothers in mechanical complexity and are capable of extreme aerobatic maneuvers.


Other News & Updates

Paul McIntyre 

A founding club member has passed away after a short fight with cancer On behalf of EastCoast RC Flyers, myself and my family, we send our condolences to your family

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