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Safety: Throttle Hold Flying in the Pit Area   Beginners Pages: Choosing your Model Aircraft Basic Electronic Equipment Types of Model Kits and Construction Level Required   Aviation Theory: Traffic Pattern Thermals Into the Wind Dihedral Wings   Electronics: Radio Interference Receiver Antenna Placement   Building Tips: Balsa and Plywood Supply Super Glue and Baking […]

Throttle Hold

We had a few cut fingers recently with the throttle being accidentally moved and the hand was near the prop. Almost all transmitters have a Throttle Hold or Throttle Cut function – for our purpose, the two terms mean the same. This function disables the throttle stick until you flick a switch to turn it […]

Balsa and Plywood supply

We are in the foam-age of model flying. However, some stubborn enthusiasts still prefer to build their own models. Unfortunately, it is not so easy, and expensive, to get balsa and plywood. There is one big exception: Balsacentral, a distributor in South Australia, also retails online, and at half the prices when compared to the […]

Types of model kits and construction level required

The manufacturers offer models built with different material and to different stages of completion. Material used in the construction of models   Balsa and plywood models are built in the traditional way, very similar to the construction of a “real” aeroplane. Styrofoam is not often used, as it breaks and dents easily. Hoever, it is […]

Choosing your model aircraft

Many interested model flyers are tempted by the agility of an aerobatic helicopter or aeroplane. And those who give way to the temptation, soon will learn that it is not easy to fly such a plane or helicopter. Your first plane should be a trainer or glider such as HobbyKing’s Bixler (see below). Our club […]

Basic Electronic Equipment

The term “remote-controlled” aircraft implies that we need some form of electronic equipment to control the model.   Transmitter This is commonly called a radio or informally known as “tranny.” The transmitter can be a simple device costing around $20 or a sophisticated piece of equipment that can set you back thousands of dollars. Generally […]