Welcome messages from other clubs

I have contacted other clubs to have our website links exchanged. This helps with the rankings during Google searches. These are the answers so far – I will add other responses when they come in. Manfred   Tasmanian Aeromodelling Academy “From: Dan Bouwmeester ( Secretary ), TAA <danandsarahbouwmeester@gmail.com> Subject: Welcome Message Body: Hi Guy’s, welcome, […]

Paul’s Model Railway

When flying the Bixler is getting too exciting, Paul relaxes by driving his model railway. He has done a great job displaying a working coal mine – in part, based on the Fingal mine.

Mike’s Nostalgic Gliding

I was living in Casino NSW some 40years ago. The radio I think was a Titan, made in Australia. The glider was Graupner Foka about 2 meters, maybe a little more. I flew it for some time before the elevator detached, so did my wife at that time, so I have no idea where it […]

Gliding is a passion

I’m still harping on this subject and, perhaps, I can ignite a bit of gliding passion in someone. Both of us, Angelika and Manfred, were glider pilots once. This is were our passion started – gliding I mean. These were old and heavy “Plywood Bombers” Ka7, but quite an improvement to the even older Minimoa […]